The Keys To The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Planning a great celebration for the bride-to-be? This is a great way for the upcoming bride and her friends to bond and blow off a little steam before the big day. If you are thinking about planning a bachelorette party for that special friend in your life, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Bachelorette parties have increased in popularity over the last 10-20 years. They are seen as a casual, more laid back way to celebrate marriage and the last few days of being single. They typically involve a night out with the girls, some drinking, dancing and whatever else may happen!

These parties can take place in a variety of locations. The house of the bride-to-be, the house of anyone hosting the party and a variety of other locations can be used. However, the majority of these events take place out on the town. Restaurants offer up private rooms for the bride and all of her friends. Many of these even end up in bar crawls and booze fests!

When thinking about the party you want to plan, you need to first consider what style of party you will be offering. Bachelorette parties can be naughty or good, depending on what the bride-to-be wants and the others that will be attending. Many prefer the naughty style as it includes booze, male strippers and debauchery! After all, it is the bride’s night so she should get what she wants right?

Some of the great “naughty” ideas are to hire a male stripper, offer goody bags with “adult” toys and party favors and partake in a night of fun drinking games and activities. You can include a variety of drinking games like beer pong, cornhole, ladder golf or any other fun ones you can think of. Remember, if you are going for the naughty party with booze filled fun, make sure to hire a sober driver or plan on taking a taxi. These nights are supposed to be fun and not get anyone into trouble.

If you are in for a fun filled night of drinking and party games, you want to make sure that you are well prepared! Once you¬†know the key strategies, those other girls won’t stand a chance.

fun ideas for the bachelorette

If you are looking for some ways to plan a “good” bachelorette party, you have come to the wrong place! A simple search on Google should help you as this article is only about the fun, naughty parties!

You have just read a few of the many great tips to help you plan that bachelorette party for that special friend of family member. There are obviously many more great ways to host one of these events, but for starters, stick with the ideas listed above and you will do just fine! Here is also a cool video about how you can plan your party for that special friend.