Sweet Treats for a Late Night Bonfire

A late night bonfire is an excellent source of beauty and entertainment that can be enjoyed all year round. Summer bonfires under a clear, starry sky, crisp fall fires that fill the air with the comforting scent of burning leaves, and the warmth of a winter blaze that breaks through the chill of a crisp and silent night are all guaranteed to please groups of any size.

When planning your activities, it is helpful to keep in mind that are two things that have been drawing people together for thousands of years, warmth and food. Providing treats alongside your bonfire can be a source of both sustenance and entertainment.

partying around the bonfire

The most popular, and traditional, type of bonfire snack is referred to as a s’more; titled as such because guests will always ask for, “some more.” The most basic version of a s’more includes a flame toasted marshmallow set between two pieces of graham cracker, along with a square of Hershey’s chocolate. The heat of the marshmallow melts with the chocolate into a gooey sandwich that has been loved, and passed on, for generations.

However, in recent years, new versions of the s’more have emerged and taken the camping and bonfire world by storm.

One of the most popular alterations is to replace the basic milk-chocolate with the Reese’s peanut butter cup, Rollo, or Oreo. These, along with other types of melting candies, have been added into the mix in order to create some of the most delicious snacks that can be enjoyed, and prepared, above the flame of a bonfire.
Additionally, new versions of the graham cracker and marshmallow have added to the variety of available options for s’more experimenters.

Marshmallows are now available in a variety of flavors and shapes that are meant to accommodate the square cracker on which they will melt. Graham crackers can be found in numerous flavors such as chocolate, cinnamon, and honey. Each of these alterations to the original product show just how popular the demand, and desire, for s’mores can be.

Another popular bonfire treat is commonly referred to as a hobo pie. Similar to a waffle iron, a hobo pie iron cooks its contents between two heated metal plates. The hobo pie plates, however, are attached to a long handle that can be extended over the fire while cooking.

A hobo pie begins with two pieces of bread, buttered on the outside, or pie crust that will encase the chosen contents of the meal. Though there are many variations of fillings that have been added between the layers, the most popular is canned pie filling. This filling is piled between the layers and the entire contents are then clamped shut and held over the fire to cook to the desired temperature. Apple pie, cherry pie, and any sort of prepared filling can be added to easily make this sweet treat.

For a meal option, rather than dessert, you may choose to add savory ingredients to create pizza pockets, grilled cheese, BLT, or pot-pie fillings.

Prepping for either style of bonfire treats is as simple as preparing a platter of mixed ingredients that will allow your guests to create samples according to their preference. Experimenting with different flavors and styles is sure to maintain a lively atmosphere, all while keeping your guests entertained and their hunger satisfied.