Spring Break 2016 Is Coming

College takes a lot of hard work and dedication. As spring break approaches, students start to wonder where they can take a break and go party. This is a time for kids to let loose and relax with their friends. Many of the popular locations include the warm sun and hot beaches. Students enjoy getting a tan, partying, and meeting new people!

Most students start preparing for spring break right after the winter holiday. The cost is a important factor as it can limit where a kid can go. If you are strapped for cash, don’t worry, there are a variety of places that have great bundles and all-inclusive options. Here are some tips as you plan for your upcoming spring break:

Airfare and Hotel
It is easy to go online to Travelocity or Expedia, where you can compare different rates. If you don’t have enough time to search, call up a travel agency. These agents will get you the best deals with both airfare and hotels.

You will want to budget your money before spring break, so you can plan accordingly. You will want to have a good idea of what you will be doing, so you can budget properly. You will want to save enough money for a hotel, transportation, food, various activities, clubs and of course booze!

Party Cruises
Going on a cruise has become more popular over the last few years. You will be able to pay one price to party, sleep, and travel to many destinations. This is a perfect option for an inexpensive Spring Break.

Safety and Packing
While traveling, it is always good to use the buddy system, especially when you’re drinking. Always be aware of your surroundings and know what is going on. Make sure you never set down your drinks or belongings without knowing who is watching them.

While you are packing for your trip, check the weather. Since most travel somewhere tropical, don’t forget your swimsuit. You will want to pack clothes for all of the things you will be doing. Check and see if clubs or restaurants have a specific clothing policy. Don’t pack your suitcase too full, in case you decide to shop on your trip! Also, remember to always have your ID or passport ready while you are traveling.

Here are some great locations to consider for spring break:

Punta Cana, DR
Punta Cana is on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic, bordering the Caribbean Sea. This area has over thirty resorts on the beach!

Cancun, Mexico
Currently, more than 200,000 students travel to Cancun for spring break each year. This has been a popular destination for many years. They have over 150 hotels in the area. The temperature averages 79 degrees and is always warm.

partying in the ocean in Cancun

Las Vegas, NV
Even though many students rule out Las Vegas for spring break, it offers the best nightlife for you and your friends. Las Vegas has shows, gambling, clubbing, and much more.

South Padre Island, TX
Texas may be a different scene, but many people love it. The Full Throttle Energy Beach ranks as one of the biggest spring break venues in the country. The beach is behind the Isla Grand Beach Resort. Currently, this location deals with day to day crowds of 12,000 to 18,000. It also includes a variety of events for all types of students. The beach activities include a dance contest, beer pong tournaments, and more. This is definitely a popular destination.

Well, there you have it. Spring Break is fast approaching and we wanted to provide you with some information on some of the top spots to visit. If you haven’t already booked your trip, hopefully some of the information above will help you decide on your next wild party vacation!