Party and Get an Education

So, you want to go to a good College and get a great education, but you also want to party your face off. Most critics argue that this is not possible and that you cannot have both. In today’s age, immature college kids are choosing schools based solely on their party reputation. This helpful guide will get you to a great party school where you can still focus on your studies and get a fantastic education.

college kids at a party

There are plenty of websites out there that rate colleges for both their party atmosphere and academics. This past year, the Princeton Evaluation launched a study on finest American party schools. These schools were not particularly happy as it made them stand out as party schools and could hurt their reputations.

Out of the 20 schools listed, Indiana University at Bloomington was rated the top party school and popular Virginia Tech came in at number 19. Both of these schools have great academic programs as well, so they should be not upset that they made the list of top party schools. Playboy Magazine also published their list of party schools and they awarded the University of Wisconsin at Madison the best party school on the country. Their Halloween parties and tailgates are out of this world.

Other top rated party schools include: Florida State, Clemson, Arizona State, Texas, LSU and of course Miami, among others. These schools are well known for their academics, athletics and now partying. There are no specific requirements to be a top party school. It is all based on an outsider’s perspective as to how nuts the kids really go during party time.

Besides what is noted above, there are plenty of other places with their own lists of top party schools. It is recommended that you look into all aspects of a college when you are deciding whether or not to go there. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find a school with poor academics as they all have to meet certain standards in order to be accredited. So, make sure you visit each school, walk around and absorb as much information as possible.

When it’s all said and done, college will be one of the best times of your life. If you do it properly, you can find a great school that will give you an exceptional education plus some life experience. You need to get out there, live a little, party, enjoy yourself and get a good education. These are all possible if you pick the right school.