Inflatable Beer Pong at My New Home

Check out this great post from a longtime friend of ours. He recently purchased a new home and asked us where he could find himself an inflatable beer pong table for his new pool. We were able to recommend a number of places and cool ideas for him to spice up his yard for that next outdoor party! Let us know what you think!

beer pong table floating in the pool

After all these years I’ve finally been able to upgrade to the home of my dreams. I live in South Florida and just purchased my 3 bedroom 2 bath home with screened in patio and in-ground pool. Yes, I have always dreamed of an in-ground pool that I would not have to share with the general population.

Public pools can be very dirty and there is a lot to be said for someone who can own and maintain their own pool. One of the greatest benefits is that I can go for a swim anytime I want without anyone else in the pool! The other great benefit is that I can play beer pong in my pool. Most public places don’t allow rafts or toys of any kind.

My First Backyard Party with Inflatable Beer Pong

I’m unpacked and settled in and preparing to host my first backyard pool party. I’ve invited my friends and family, prepared my menu to cook on the grill, and staged the pool, deck, and yard to welcome everyone to my backyard “oasis”.

I purchased torches and installed around the edges of the pool to set the mood in the evening when I turn on the interior pool lights, and wait for everyone’s reaction. I made sure I had enough beach towels, chilled beer and soft drinks, munchies, and sun tan lotion. I also made sure to pick up a bunch of toys, including an inflatable beer pong table!

My friends were able to refer me to a store that sells inflatable beer pong coolers. Who would have thought, a floating beer pong table with a built in cooler! This will be great to play a number of fun games as well as keep all of our refreshments cold, even in the pool! Here is a cool video I found about inflatable tables.

The day of the party arrives and it’s a beautiful, sunny, and breezy south Florida day. My guests start to arrive and tours of the house are provided, ending with the back yard and my pride and joy. The responses were as anticipated and I felt proud that my guests felt the same reaction that I did.

Everyone loved my new set up, especially the beer pong table! As the sun set, I lit the torches, and turned on the pool lights, and lit candles as the tables. It was the perfect way to relax after a day of sun and fun and over-indulging in food and drink. My guests thanked me for a wonderful day, each asking to be included in the next backyard pool party.

Why I love Backyard Parties

Each day when I return from work, I go to my oasis and feel like I’m on vacation. Swimming, relaxing, reading, and cooking out. All my favorite activities and I don’t have to leave my home to enjoy them. It truly is a great feeling to be able to go out into my yard and do what I want, when I want. Life is good.