How to Get Tap Beer in Your Own Home

Going to the bar can be a great way to have a night out with friends. However, it also has its drawbacks. Cold beer is delicious straight from the tap, and most bars offer this. What most bars don’t offer is the ability to stretch out and relax, choose the music playing or even the volume. Another big downside to going out to the bar to drink is that it is so easy to overspend. Fortunately, there is a way to get cold beer from the tap by installing a tap in your own house.

In home beer taps are simple as far as their design. A small tank of CO2 or CO2/Nitrogen blend connects to a regulatory authority. This keeps the pressure down to between ten and twelve pounds per inch. A hose then connects the tank to the beer tap. The beer tap has a screw or keyed fitting that connects it to the keg, with another hose that runs to the faucet. This is where you would get your beer from.
Depending on the type of keg you are using, there are a range of different beer taps to help ensure you get the one that fits perfectly.

While you can invest in a full size keg cooler, you can also find smaller keg coolers that hold smaller barrels. Pony kegs are about half the size of a half keg, which are the kegs you would typically find in bars and restaurants. Some regional beer suppliers may rent these to you if you want to try them out before you commit to buy.

The CO2 tank you will need to run your system is available at a relatively low cost. A five-pound tank of gas is usually around $5 to $7 to refill and will last for approximately five to seven half kegs, or ten to fourteen pony kegs.

One downfall to owning your own in home beer tap is that you are going to have to clean it regularly in order to keep your beer tasting great. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple process. The cleaning process simply requires you to run hot water through the lines every couple of weeks.

Whatever system you choose to go with, there are many benefits to setting up your own in home beer tap system. Not only are you going to save on the money of having to pay per glass of beer, but you also get to remain in your home while still enjoying the taste of your favorite draft beer. Set your own one up and start enjoying your own beer today. You can also read more about brewing your own beer.