Home Brewing in Tulsa: Making Your Own Beer

Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the best-known cities for beer enthusiasts. The search for the next great beer has been captivating the local population for a long time. While there are always new selections and new brewers hoping to make a big name, you might find that you are still waiting for that perfect brew. This is why you should brew your own beer.

The obvious solution for an enthusiast with a particular flavor in mind is to try your hand at home brewing. The opportunity to create your own flavor is an ideal way to ensure your own personal, with beer of course. If you live in or around the Tulsa area, what better hobby to pick up than creating your own delicious masterpiece(s)?

Learning to home-brew is not as difficult as it might seem. There are many groups devoted to testing each others samples, beer making kits for the novice of the trade and endless resources online to help guide you in your selection of grains, yeasts and common beer ingredients. If you are serious about getting started, there are so many ways to get information out there.

The first step is to decide exactly which type of beer you want to make. Remember, each ingredient has the potential to alter the beer in any number of ways. Some popular beers to brew are a light beer, dark beer, heavy beer, ale, or lager. Once you have this step down, you can start getting all of the required materials.

One of the main things that new home brewers fail to take into account is the fact that fermentation takes a decent amount of time. This means that the sugars and enzymes need time to break down in order to obtain the appropriate taste and potency level for each blend. Any attempt to speed up the fermentation process will invariably produce substandard results. You will have to be patient and just know that brewing beer does take time and that you cannot cut any corners.

After you have taken the time to experiment, which may require many trial runs, you might want to consider hosting a tasting event for your final product. This is a great way to have other people try your beer and let you know if you like it or not. Most people who brew a beer like their own obviously, so it’s not until someone else tells them that it stinks for them to realize they brewed a less than adequate product.

Overall, brewing your own beer in such an active drinking community as Tulsa, Oklahoma can be an extremely exciting hobby to take up. By setting your mind on a particular type of beer and perfecting your process with the proper research, you can create a product that many people will enjoy. Who knows, you may be even be so good at it that you consider opening your own brewery!