The Grown-Up Halloween Party: Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to throw a Halloween party this upcoming season? If you do, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Grown-up Halloween parties are fun and easy to plan – maybe even easier than throwing a party for kids. That said, proper planning and preparation will guarantee that everyone has a good time. If you are looking to plan a Halloween party this year, check out some of these cool tips.

First, make it clear on the invitations that it is a party for grownups. You don’t want little kids running around where you have scary decorations, alcoholic drinks and adults in sexy costumes. For one thing, it could be dangerous; it also completely ruins the vibe. Consider calling guests with kids to politely repeat the instructions to not bring their kids. If everyone you know has kids and you want to be sure they’ll come, hire a babysitter and host a separate party for the kiddos. Snacks, costumes, and a “spooky” movie can go a long way.

Once you’ve made it clear that it’s an adult party, you better stock your bar. Consider upping the ante on your normal party snacks, too. Halloween is a great time to provide themed snacks as well. You can also look up specialty cocktails that go along with your party theme.

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Grownups are a little more likely to play games at Halloween parties than other times as well. Their inhibitions are lower on Halloween, probably thanks to all the costumes and alcohol. Take advantage of the festive atmosphere to play some fun games and get everyone laughing. They don’t have to be Halloween themed – just look for something your crowd will enjoy.

Decide if you want to throw the party at your house or somewhere else. At home, you’ll be able to throw a smaller, more intimate party and it will cost less. However, if you rent a dance hall or other space, you can go wild by renting a DJ, providing entertainment and going all out. Ultimately, it will depend on your budget and the feel you want.

Most importantly for a Halloween party, no matter what, don’t skimp on the decorations. Halloween is all about creepy, dark themes. Invest in enough to transform the look of your house. You can even consider a theme for your party. Make sure you tell your guests to wear their costumes! They will become part of setting the mood.

There can be a lot of details involved in throwing a Halloween party, but all in all it’s pretty simple if you start early. Make sure everyone knows what to expect, plan as much as you can afford, and let everyone go wild. Who knows, you may be such a hit that it may become an annual event.