Fun College Party Drinking Games

If you are in college, attended college, or never went at all, you have probably hear about two of most popular drinking games on the planet. Beer pong and cornhole have been known as the “go to” games to play at parties across the world. They are prominent games at college parties, tailgate parties and backyard parties as well as a variety of other places. This article will dive a little deeper into the wonderful world of drinking games.

Beer pong can be viewed as the most popular game in college, next to of course the traditional game of cornhole, also known as bean bag toss. Beer pong is great because it allows a bunch of people to congregate around a table, enjoy some adult beverages and root for their favorite team. Cornhole is a little different because it does not require the consumption of alcohol, but of course it is usually present!

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On top of these two games, flip cup is another fantastic drinking game that can be seen at parties all around the world. It involves 16 ounce cups, a table and of course beer. You will need to have two teams with an equal number of players. Each player will hold a cup of beer in his hand and the teams will face each other. The first players will drink their beer on cue, usually at the count of three. Once they cup their cup, they have to flip their empty cup over. Once the first player flips his cup, the next player in line takes his or her turn. The first team to finish the relay wins, and then everybody gets to drink again!

Another simple drinking game is Avalanche. It requires a pair of dice and a glass. Everyone playing will have to hold a cup of beer or any alcoholic beverage while sitting around a table. Another glass is filled with beer and placed in the middle of the table. The dice is then rolled and a corresponding action must be done. Here are the traditional game rules:

If you roll 1, you don’t have to do anything except to pass the game glass to the next player.

If you roll 2, you will have to put in more alcohol in the game glass and give it to the next player.

If you roll 3, you have to drink all of the alcohol in the game glass.

If you roll 4, you need to shout “floor” so that everyone must drop to the floor. The person who does not lay on the floor or is the last one to do so will have to drink the game glass.

If you roll 5, you can call out anyone to drink the game glass.

If you roll 6, you don’t do anything and pass the glass to the next player.

In some instances, players can be eliminated after they have taken two or three consecutive drinks from the game glass. This is another fun and fantastic drinking game that can be played anywhere.

If you are an avid party-goer who is looking for some variety when it comes to drinking games, you should definitely consider playing Flip Cup or Avalanche. Both are incredibly fun and provide alternate ways to have fun at your next party. Next time you finish a game of pong or tailgate toss, break out the cups and dice and try one of the above mentioned games! Here is a cool video about some other fun drinking games you can try!