College Parties, Things to Be Careful Of

Ever since I can remember, I have been going out, partying, drinking, having a good time, but always making sure I always act responsibly. I am huge advocate for enjoying all that life has too offer by going out partying and socializing. I have met so many great people over the years that I wouldn’t even consider changing a thing.

In present day however, there is a growing issue with people overdoing it, especially college kids. Drinking and driving deaths are at an all time high, and so are alcohol induced hospitalizations. With all of the crazy new types of alcohol, college parties, drinking games and drugs out there, it is important to keep a few things in mind when heading to party, or discussing it with your kids.

Party Safely in College and Elsewhere

College parties can be very fun, and a great way to have a good time with your friends. A few drinks and a few fun games with some talking and dancing. But be warned, not everything always goes according to plan, so here are a few things to remember about the infamous college party.

college kids getting wild

Always be with someone else
It is always advisable that you stick with at least one other person when you go out to a party. You don’t know what someone might do to you if you drink too much or surround yourself with too many people that you do not know. Make sure you have your friends with you and you will never have to worry about this!

Drink some water in-between drinks
Do not drink beer or liquor to the point where you cannot be in control of yourself. When you need to possibly drive (never when drinking) or walk home, you need to be functional. With some water in-between alcoholic beverages, you will be able to stay hydrated and sober if necessary. You will also feel much better the next morning!

Only drink what you know
Do not drink anything unless you or a good friend got it or made it for you. If you do not know what is in the cup, how do you know it is safe to drink? This will decrease any chance of being drugged or poisoned. Although this is very rare, it is still important to be aware of when heading out for the night.

Play drinking games in moderation
We all love to play beer pong, cornhole and a variety of other drinking games. One key point to note is that although these games are incredibly fun, it is very easy to overdo it when playing. So, when you decide to play a game of pong or tailgate toss, make sure you limit your alcohol intake as well as the number of times you play in a given night to ensure that you do not go overboard.

Be Safe
If you remember these few tips, college parties, or any party for that matter can be loads of fun. As I mentioned, going out and socializing is very fun and can be important for building and maintaining new friends and relationships. If you make sure to always act responsibly, you will never have any problems.