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Summer Tips for the Best Backyard Barbecue

It’s that time of year again. That amazing time of year where the smokehouse is going and grills are blazing—the smells are mouthwatering! Spring is the beginning season for backyard cookouts and amazing get togethers before it becomes overwhelmingly stifling outside! When you want to host an All-American cookout there are amazing tips to help do just that! If this is your first venture then you’ll be more than happy to get some advice that will make you appear calm, cool and collected at the 1st social gathering of the season.

From setting up your backyard barbecue to its presentation—every detail influences guests! Let’s get started s haring some amazing tips to give you the exclusive results you want!

Just to begin, when you’re setting up your tables you want to make certain everything is organized in a way that makes sense. If you’re going buffet style, then this table should be right in the middle of all the interaction! The table with plates, cups and dinnerware should be off to the side, but visible to guests—and most importantly, it shouldn’t look cheap and gaudy! Even if you’re using plastic ware and paper plates get the best. Just some other entertaining ways to host an outstanding backyard barbecue are below:

  • Make it look elegant and decorate tables with a spray of plants and tea lights.
  • Make the bar simple and easy: serve a good variety of vino—many love it, and men can drink it too. It adds a little flair to the evening and it keeps down the confusion for the host.
  • Label glasses so if a guest sits their vino down for a moment they don’t pick up someone else’s by mistake—now that could be disastrous!
  • If you have the room do a backyard fire pit and place comfortable chairs around it.
  • And the most important tip of them all—don’t overwhelm yourself with details. A backyard barbecue is all about having fun with friends and family so keep it enjoyable. No stress allowed!

Every backyard barbecue is different so just do what you’re comfortable with, but make sure it is engaging and lighthearted! Don’t forget to have “to go” boxes for guest left overs! Everyone loves barbecue the next day.

Backyard Grilling in the Summertime

In the summertime, one of the best ways to have fun is to have a barbecue. If you love to grill, hang out and have fun with friends, grilling and barbecuing may be for you. Best thing about these events is that you can easily made delicious food for everyone and cleanup is a breeze. If you are looking to make use of your grill and enjoy yourself this summer, here are some fun tips.

Believe it or not, nearly eighty percent of Americans have a grill in their backyard. This means that millions of people enjoy cooking outside when the weather is nice. What could be better than sitting out back, tailgating, talking and eating healthy and unhealthy grilled foods. Don’t forget about the beer, alcohol and fun party games as well! If you are one of the lucky ones who owns a nice grill, you are already ready to go. If you are looking for a great new grill to spice up your backyard, you need to first decide whether you want one that use charcoal, gas or propane.

Once you decide on what type of grill you truly want, go out and buy one! Cooking on a grill takes a little finesse. The extreme heat of the surface can make or break your meat. This is especially true if you are using charcoal as the coals can get extremely hot. This is why it is important to learn everything there is to know about what type of grill you get. Cooking on different types of flames is much different, so make sure you know exactly what temperatures to cook foods at, especially meats. Here are some general tips to make the most out of your new backyard grill.

grilling in the backyard

Variety is the spice of life, literally. You can cook anything and everything on your grill. Throw some burgers on, some chicken or any other meat you can think of. You can also grill vegetables, fruits, tofu and a variety of other foods. Grilling can also be very healthy. If you are careful and only cook veggies and foods that are low in fat, you will create some healthy masterpieces. You can even make a grilled salad, something that is incredibly healthy.

Remember to use your grill often. Don’t let a rainy day keep you from grilling. The awesome flavors generated by cooking food over an open flame will make anyone’s mouth water and help drown out those dreary days. Grilling is also a very inexpensive alternative to eating out. You can easily pick up a bunch of meats, cheeses and vegetables at the store for much less than it costs to go out and eat. If you adapt your lifestyle to make your grill work for you, you will save some serious cash that you will not regret. Here is a great site for you with some awesome bbq grill recipes!

The Grown-Up Halloween Party: Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to throw a Halloween party this upcoming season? If you do, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Grown-up Halloween parties are fun and easy to plan – maybe even easier than throwing a party for kids. That said, proper planning and preparation will guarantee that everyone has a good time. If you are looking to plan a Halloween party this year, check out some of these cool tips.

First, make it clear on the invitations that it is a party for grownups. You don’t want little kids running around where you have scary decorations, alcoholic drinks and adults in sexy costumes. For one thing, it could be dangerous; it also completely ruins the vibe. Consider calling guests with kids to politely repeat the instructions to not bring their kids. If everyone you know has kids and you want to be sure they’ll come, hire a babysitter and host a separate party for the kiddos. Snacks, costumes, and a “spooky” movie can go a long way.

Once you’ve made it clear that it’s an adult party, you better stock your bar. Consider upping the ante on your normal party snacks, too. Halloween is a great time to provide themed snacks as well. You can also look up specialty cocktails that go along with your party theme.

sexy halloween costume

Grownups are a little more likely to play games at Halloween parties than other times as well. Their inhibitions are lower on Halloween, probably thanks to all the costumes and alcohol. Take advantage of the festive atmosphere to play some fun games and get everyone laughing. They don’t have to be Halloween themed – just look for something your crowd will enjoy.

Decide if you want to throw the party at your house or somewhere else. At home, you’ll be able to throw a smaller, more intimate party and it will cost less. However, if you rent a dance hall or other space, you can go wild by renting a DJ, providing entertainment and going all out. Ultimately, it will depend on your budget and the feel you want.

Most importantly for a Halloween party, no matter what, don’t skimp on the decorations. Halloween is all about creepy, dark themes. Invest in enough to transform the look of your house. You can even consider a theme for your party. Make sure you tell your guests to wear their costumes! They will become part of setting the mood.

There can be a lot of details involved in throwing a Halloween party, but all in all it’s pretty simple if you start early. Make sure everyone knows what to expect, plan as much as you can afford, and let everyone go wild. Who knows, you may be such a hit that it may become an annual event.

Beer Ingredients: Knowing what is in Your Beer

With new brands and flavors of beer coming out all of the time, it is important for the adventurous beer drinker to have a thorough knowledge of the ingredients used to make all of the different types. Different ingredients produce diverse flavor and color results during the beer making process. If you have a preference for a particular style, or desire to avoid certain types for reasons such as allergies, then knowing the ingredients can help you choose from a variety of beer options.

The primary ingredients used to make beer are water, malted barley, hops and yeast. Other like flavoring, sugar and starches can be combined as well. Starches are used in the mashing process to create fermented sugars and enzymes that will determine the alcohol content, body, and taste of the beer.

beer mug next to hops

The main ingredient in beer is water. While it is easy to assume that all water is the same, this cannot be farther from the truth. The source of the water, its mineral content and where it is from can play a large role in the character of a beer. Generally, hard water, or water with higher mineral content is more suited for darker beers while soft water is ideal when brewing the lighter alternative.

Barley is the most commonly used malt due to its high amylase content. Additionally, barley contains a digestion enzyme that helps breakdown starches into sugars. Depending on the local region and brewery preferences, other malted or non-malted grains can be used in the brewing process. These include wheat, rice, oats and rye.

Malting is a process that happens when a grain germinates. Once the grain is soaked in water, it begins to grow. At this point, the grain is then dried in a kiln preserving the enzymes that will eventually transform the starches in into fermenting sugars.

Hops have been used as a bittering agent in beer since the 17th century. This bitter flavor helps balance the sweet taste of the malts and this process sometimes even results in flavors that are considered earthy, or have hints of citrus. The bitterness level of beer, as a result of hops, is typically measured on an international scale. Hops also provides an antibiotic element that prevents the yeast from producing bacteria.

Yeast is a microorganism that is responsible for fermentation. The type of beer being made is determined by the yeast that is used. The 2 main types of yeasts that are typically used by brewers are ale and lager, though others are available as well. Yeast helps to metabolize the sugars that are extracted from the grains.

Though the ingredients used to make beer are simple to obtain and have not changed much over the centuries, it is important to be aware of the actual processed used to brew the beer. This will help to ensure that you are making exactly what you want when it comes to flavor, body, color and bitterness. Once you get the process down, you can even start experimenting with different styles and flavors.

American Beer Culture

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world, behind only water and tea. As with anything that is popular, beer has its own culture, especially in the Untied States. Here is a neat article about the great American beer culture.

Socially, beer can be connected to a wide variety of traditions and activities. Most people who play cards, darts or other fun games can be found also enjoying a beer. Beer is consumed all over the world and you can find large breweries in first world countries like Canada and the United States. Other locations where breweries are prevalent are the Middle East nations, such as Iraq and Syria. You can also find breweries in some African countries and even remote countries like Mongolia.

One thing to remember is that the temperature that beer is served at is very important. Cooler temperatures will reduce the amount of carbonation, which in turn limits the flavors. This can prevent you from really being able to taste what you are drinking. There are specific temperatures that certain beers need to be served at in order to release their true flavor.

coaster that says we want beer

Some beer enthusiasts drink their beer straight from a bottle or can, but some say this limits the flavor. Enthusiasts say that to truly enjoy the taste of a beer, it needs to be poured into a glass. This is why beer is often poured into a stein, mug or glass. Similar to wine, there are even special glasses designed for specific types of beer. Most breweries even create their own style of glasses for each beer they brew.

Also, how a beer is poured is incredibly important. The position of the pour and the tilt of the glass will both have an effect on the taste. A good head helps release the aromas and flavors of any type of beer. As the head dissipates, it releases carbonation into the glass, which in turn adds to the flavor. Some heavily carbonated beers, such as German lagers, require a decent amount of settling time before can be truly enjoyed.

Some people, mainly enthusiasts, take interest in rating different types of beers. After trying different blends, they will rate the beer based on a variety of different factors. In some cases, these people record their scores and post them online so that others can use them as a guideline before their next purchase. This fad is increasing in popularity as people in the United States are nuts about all of the new craft and specialty beers out there.

The culture around beer is one that is well developed and continues to be passed down through generations. Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world and is still enjoyed on a daily basis. In America especially, beer is more of a culture than a drink. With all of the craft breweries popping up across the nation, it is safe to say that beer will continue to be enjoyed for years to come. So, go pick up a new beer you’ve never had before and give cheers to the great American beer culture.

Party and Get an Education

So, you want to go to a good College and get a great education, but you also want to party your face off. Most critics argue that this is not possible and that you cannot have both. In today’s age, immature college kids are choosing schools based solely on their party reputation. This helpful guide will get you to a great party school where you can still focus on your studies and get a fantastic education.

college kids at a party

There are plenty of websites out there that rate colleges for both their party atmosphere and academics. This past year, the Princeton Evaluation launched a study on finest American party schools. These schools were not particularly happy as it made them stand out as party schools and could hurt their reputations.

Out of the 20 schools listed, Indiana University at Bloomington was rated the top party school and popular Virginia Tech came in at number 19. Both of these schools have great academic programs as well, so they should be not upset that they made the list of top party schools. Playboy Magazine also published their list of party schools and they awarded the University of Wisconsin at Madison the best party school on the country. Their Halloween parties and tailgates are out of this world.

Other top rated party schools include: Florida State, Clemson, Arizona State, Texas, LSU and of course Miami, among others. These schools are well known for their academics, athletics and now partying. There are no specific requirements to be a top party school. It is all based on an outsider’s perspective as to how nuts the kids really go during party time.

Besides what is noted above, there are plenty of other places with their own lists of top party schools. It is recommended that you look into all aspects of a college when you are deciding whether or not to go there. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find a school with poor academics as they all have to meet certain standards in order to be accredited. So, make sure you visit each school, walk around and absorb as much information as possible.

When it’s all said and done, college will be one of the best times of your life. If you do it properly, you can find a great school that will give you an exceptional education plus some life experience. You need to get out there, live a little, party, enjoy yourself and get a good education. These are all possible if you pick the right school.

Spring Break in Florida

If we are going to be completely honest with ourselves, we need to first understand that Spring Break is a time for college kids to let loose, be carefree and have some serious fun. Spending the week sitting at home with your parents is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Watching TV, relaxing in a snowy climate and doing nothing for a week sounds great, but not during Spring Break. Here are cool tips to help you make this upcoming Spring Break the best one yet.

There are a variety of destinations that you can look into to guarantee that you and your friends have a wild time. If you are currently in college, heading to a tropical beach with your friends is the ideal vacation. You can spend time getting some sun, meeting new people and of course drinking your faces off. One of the top destinations in the country is Florida. It is typically a low-cost trip, which is perfect for any college kid on a budget. This is a great way to relieve some stress and forget about classes for an entire week. There is nothing more stress free than taking an inexpensive vacation for a week with your closest friends.

A couple popular locations within Florida are Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach. Each year, hundreds of thousands of student flock to these locations to indulge in cheap booze, warm beaches and crazy nightlife. For these locations, the month of Spring Break represents most of their economy for the entire year. That is how much money is spent in a month or so by all of these college kids. If you have never been to either location, make sure to add them to the bucket list as you will regret it if you never visit.

girls partying on spring break

Chances are that right now, you getting sick of your school work and want to do something to loosen up. Well, you are in luck. Everyone around you is feeling the same way as Spring Break week is fast approaching and attention is drifting away. You can see it now, an ice cold beer in the sun with 10,000 of your closest friends. So, since we are getting closer to the biggest party week of the year, consider Florida for your upcoming trip as it has endless things to do and will allow you and your friends to travel on any budget. Now get packing and get ready to leave all your worries behind.

Perfect Party Ideas

So, you think you have a perfect idea for a party, but you’re stressed making sure guests come and have fun. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands! We are experts at throwing parties, especially when there are drinking games involved! Follow these guidelines and you’ll get so many guests that you’ll have to start turning them away.

First, check with your close group of friends to see what night works best for them. Select your primary friends, so you don’t have too many conflicting opinions. Pick a date and time and see if any of your friends have a prior engagement. Continue to discuss this with your group until you come up with the best date. This will ensure that everyone comes according to plan. It will also help you track how many people will be attending.

In case you didn’t know, parties tend to grow when there are a variety of people. Invite many outgoing people, so they can help spread the word. Inviting a variety of different people is essential to help get the word out. If you are comfortable and your place will allow it, you can even tell your guests to bring their own friends along. Be very careful with this as you don’t want too many people you don’t know in your house. Sometimes, it is a great idea to have all guests RSVP, so you know exactly how many will be coming. An easy way to do this is to create a Facebook event. You can see who others invite, and know for sure who will be attending.

Lastly, make this an event that guests can’t say no to. Try being clever with a theme or reason for throwing a party. If it is just an average party, you may have to work a lot harder to get people to come. However, if it is a friend’s birthday bash for example, it will be easier to get all of your friends and peers to come. You can entice people to stop by for some free booze, food and music. You can include a wide range of music, so it will appeal to everyone who is attending. If this is a bridal shower or bachelorette party, you can easily get others to come! Just tell everyone how much the bride is looking forward to seeing them! For a college party, inviting mostly women will bring the crowd. College guys will go anywhere if there are a bunch of beautiful women. Remember, there is always someone who has a connection with everyone!

Most importantly, if you are having a party at a popular location, no one will turn it down! Host your party on a boat, beach, cabin, or at a fancy restaurant. The possibilities are endless. If you take the time to plan the best party at a great venue, you will have no problems getting tons of people to come out and enjoy the event with you. Well, it is now time for you take the reigns and throw the best party you and your friends have ever seen. Enjoy!

The Keys To The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Planning a great celebration for the bride-to-be? This is a great way for the upcoming bride and her friends to bond and blow off a little steam before the big day. If you are thinking about planning a bachelorette party for that special friend in your life, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Bachelorette parties have increased in popularity over the last 10-20 years. They are seen as a casual, more laid back way to celebrate marriage and the last few days of being single. They typically involve a night out with the girls, some drinking, dancing and whatever else may happen!

These parties can take place in a variety of locations. The house of the bride-to-be, the house of anyone hosting the party and a variety of other locations can be used. However, the majority of these events take place out on the town. Restaurants offer up private rooms for the bride and all of her friends. Many of these even end up in bar crawls and booze fests!

When thinking about the party you want to plan, you need to first consider what style of party you will be offering. Bachelorette parties can be naughty or good, depending on what the bride-to-be wants and the others that will be attending. Many prefer the naughty style as it includes booze, male strippers and debauchery! After all, it is the bride’s night so she should get what she wants right?

Some of the great “naughty” ideas are to hire a male stripper, offer goody bags with “adult” toys and party favors and partake in a night of fun drinking games and activities. You can include a variety of drinking games like beer pong, cornhole, ladder golf or any other fun ones you can think of. Remember, if you are going for the naughty party with booze filled fun, make sure to hire a sober driver or plan on taking a taxi. These nights are supposed to be fun and not get anyone into trouble.

If you are in for a fun filled night of drinking and party games, you want to make sure that you are well prepared! Once you know the key strategies, those other girls won’t stand a chance.

fun ideas for the bachelorette

If you are looking for some ways to plan a “good” bachelorette party, you have come to the wrong place! A simple search on Google should help you as this article is only about the fun, naughty parties!

You have just read a few of the many great tips to help you plan that bachelorette party for that special friend of family member. There are obviously many more great ways to host one of these events, but for starters, stick with the ideas listed above and you will do just fine! Here is also a cool video about how you can plan your party for that special friend.

The Champions Guide to Beer Pong

The game of beer pong is all about hanging out with friends and having a wonderful time. Nevertheless, for hero’s like yourself, another important part of the game is succeeding. As a proclamation of your vow to success, you’ve very likely bought a table of your own, but very quickly discovered, this in and of itself will not make you a champ. Listed below are the tried and true tips to adhere to, for you to release the beer pong hero inside you.

image of beer pong winners

That’s right, it’s true. Perhaps even when it refers to beer pong, practice definitely makes perfect. If you undeniably want to be a winner, you’ve got to work like a champion. While this doesn’t mean passing up your regular duties and exclusively paying attention to the game, this does mean devoting a considerable amount of your time to actually playing beer pong. Fortunately for you, pong training is anything but tough. In fact, it’s one thing you can actually enjoy with a couple of your good friends right by your side.

Ways to Win at Beer Pong

A symmetry of really good offense and defense is what wins many games, and beer pong is no different. Instead of simply concentrating your efforts on your offense, make sure you are touching up your defensive skills as well. Depending on your rules, you may be able to blow on the ball while it is still spinning if you want to push it out. Additionally, some circles are even all right with using a single finger to force out the ball while it is still spinning around the lip of the cup. No matter what offensive techniques are allowed, you’ve got to be fast, so hone your skills and stay ready. Check out the great video we found on the importance of good defense!

If you want to be considered an expert of the game, your trash talking capabilities have got to be on point. While many people see this strategy as extremely frustrating, there is always a technique behind the chaos. Trash talking is a wonderful way to get your opposition off focus. The less focused your competitor is, the worse their game will be, setting you up for a substantial victory. Having said that, as a bit of a disclaimer, don’t go too far. Keep your opinions and pranks light-hearted and fun; because, it is just a game.

Our Beer Pong Tips to Help You Win

The tips and tricks you can learn from the above article will surely help you bring your game to the next level. You will not only greatly enhance your game, but you will also amplify the amount of fun you have simply by complying with these tips.

Beer pong is considered one of the most popular and fun drinking games in the world, so you should definitely give it a try. Before you know it, you’ll be resting comfortably on top of your throne, as the beer pong hero. We are curious to know what your thoughts are and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to help us educate all future pong players out there!