Beer Pong Rules

One of the greatest things about the game of beer pong is the fact that there are so many variations. No mater where you go, the game will be incredibly popular and everyone plays with a slightly different set of rules. This makes the game much more fun and interesting as you can always find a variation to spice up your next game. We will post numerous articles on this site about different ways to play the game. This page is dedicated to providing you with what we consider to be the official rules of beer pong.

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Beer pong, like lots of other games, has an official or conventional set of rules for playing. The excellent thing about this game is that there are plenty of subtle variations to the conventional rules. Many people have actually devised their own ways of playing, modeled off of the standard set of rules. Have a look the rules we abide by, then see what variations you can develop!

Typical Beer Pong Rules

When it is your turn to throw, each player tosses one ball. You have to make sure the elbow of your prolonged arm does not go past the end of the table or the shot does not count. When you toss it and make it into a cup, that cup is then consumed by your competitor and removed from the table. Once both of you shoot, the opposing team gets their turn.

different beer pong shots

2 Balls Made
Often, you are fortunate enough to have your team make both balls when it is your turn. When this takes place, typical guidelines state that you not only get to remove 2 cups from the opposing side, but you will also get the balls back to each get another shot. This is a great rule for excellent players because they can “run” the table and show off their skills!

Bouncing The Ball
The bounce is a great way to eliminate cups quickly and show off your skills! Basic rules state that 2 cups will be removed and consumed if you make a bounce, due to the difficulty of the shot. However, when you bounce, your opponent has the opportunity to try and knock the ball off of the table. No one is allowed to touch the ball until it lands or bounces once on the table. When you bounce, the ball is in play and can be swatted at any time. This is what makes bouncing it into the cup so difficult.

Racks and Re-Racks
Each team shall be allowed to “re-rack” their cups twice throughout a game, and only when it is the start of their turn. When there are only a couple of cups left, this allows you to place them in a way that could be easier to make. There are many different types of racks and usually you can only rack the cups in 2-3 different ways, depending upon what rules you settle on before starting to play.

Using Rebuttals
When the final cup is made by both players, the game is over. There will be no chance for redemption. But, if the final cup is made by only one person on the team, your competitors each get one shot to try and continue play. The beauty of this is they each get to shoot until they miss! So, if you have 4 cups left and make your competitors last cup, your opponent gets to keep shooting until he misses. If they end up making the rest of your cups, enter overtime!

Beer Pong Overtime
When overtime happens, each team creates a three cup rack, in triangular formation. Overtime is played with the same rules and the first team to make all of the cups wins. It is as simple as that. Rebuttals do exist so be prepared to go into 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th overtime!

Now that you understand our official rules of beer pong, you can enjoy playing America’s favorite drinking game!

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