Beer Pong is Not Just for College Kids

If you have ever spent time on a college campus, you have seen a thousand beer pong games. It is the most popular college pastime and is still currently being enjoyed by students across the globe. The game can be just as entertaining for viewers as it is for competitors. The more people who play and are involved, the more fun will be had by all. Here is some information about the popular game and some of the standard rules used to play.

The general consensus is that the game started about 40 years ago. This means it is still a fairly new game. There are several stories about how the game started. We won’t bore you with the details as there a number of different stories. There is one thing that is for sure, it became incredibly popular very quickly.

If you want to play, start by setting two sets of cups in the form of a pyramid on each end of a ping table, closet door or official pong table. The bottom row of the pyramid should have 4 cups and the top row 1. Make sure the rims of the cups are always touching so the cups are tightly racked. Once this is ready to go, each team will take turns trying to toss a ping pong ball into a cup. Once your team makes all of the cups, you win. Pretty simple, right?

Even if your college days are behind you, this doesn’t mean you can never play again. The game has graduated to an every weekend type of game. It is not just for college kids anymore. It is a great way to get your friends together to have a good time. You can also play it pretty much anywhere. You can play indoors, outdoors and anywhere else you can think of.

When playing, it is typical to use a light beer as there will be a lot consumed during the game. Many debate on what the best beer to use is. Since there will be a lot consumed, recommendations include but are not limited to: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite and any other light beer you can think of. Remember, no one wants to drink gross beer, not even college kids.

Remember, if you are hosting the next beer pong night, you need to make sure everyone is having fun and being responsible. You don’t want anyone to drink excessively. You can get people involved an having fun without going overboard. Use some of the standard beer pong rules or create your own and create memories for you and your friends that will last a lifetime.