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American Beer Culture

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world, behind only water and tea. As with anything that is popular, beer has its own culture, especially in the Untied States. Here is a neat article about the great American beer culture.

Socially, beer can be connected to a wide variety of traditions and activities. Most people who play cards, darts or other fun games can be found also enjoying a beer. Beer is consumed all over the world and you can find large breweries in first world countries like Canada and the United States. Other locations where breweries are prevalent are the Middle East nations, such as Iraq and Syria. You can also find breweries in some African countries and even remote countries like Mongolia.

One thing to remember is that the temperature that beer is served at is very important. Cooler temperatures will reduce the amount of carbonation, which in turn limits the flavors. This can prevent you from really being able to taste what you are drinking. There are specific temperatures that certain beers need to be served at in order to release their true flavor.

coaster that says we want beer

Some beer enthusiasts drink their beer straight from a bottle or can, but some say this limits the flavor. Enthusiasts say that to truly enjoy the taste of a beer, it needs to be poured into a glass. This is why beer is often poured into a stein, mug or glass. Similar to wine, there are even special glasses designed for specific types of beer. Most breweries even create their own style of glasses for each beer they brew.

Also, how a beer is poured is incredibly important. The position of the pour and the tilt of the glass will both have an effect on the taste. A good head helps release the aromas and flavors of any type of beer. As the head dissipates, it releases carbonation into the glass, which in turn adds to the flavor. Some heavily carbonated beers, such as German lagers, require a decent amount of settling time before can be truly enjoyed.

Some people, mainly enthusiasts, take interest in rating different types of beers. After trying different blends, they will rate the beer based on a variety of different factors. In some cases, these people record their scores and post them online so that others can use them as a guideline before their next purchase. This fad is increasing in popularity as people in the United States are nuts about all of the new craft and specialty beers out there.

The culture around beer is one that is well developed and continues to be passed down through generations. Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world and is still enjoyed on a daily basis. In America especially, beer is more of a culture than a drink. With all of the craft breweries popping up across the nation, it is safe to say that beer will continue to be enjoyed for years to come. So, go pick up a new beer you’ve never had before and give cheers to the great American beer culture.

Swimming Pool Bars: Perfect for Entertaining

Anyone who has a pool in their yard has likely thrown a pool party. If you are someone who frequently throws pool parties, it may be worth purchasing a bar for your pool. These bars are often referred to as swimming pool bars, or swim-up bars.
Swimming pool bars are primarily found in popular travel locations, especially in the Caribbean. In most parts of the United States, it is unheard of to find a bar in a domestic pool. Even though these types of bars are only typically found in hotel and resort pools, that doesn’t mean you can’t have at your house. Here is some information about getting your own swim up bar.

The first thing you need to do before you purchase one is to familiarize yourself with your options. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use the internet. When you look online, you will find a large directory of companies that either make or sell these types of bars. Looking at all the different pool bars for sale is a great way to understand the different options that are available. It is likely that different manufacturers will provide their own designs, so don’t limit yourself to only browsing one site.

There are many different styles and sizes of swimming pool bars out there, but they all fall into one of two main types. First is the swim-up bar, which is a bar that is placed or built directly in your pool. It is common for these bars to include a small table and matching chairs. Sometimes you can even get an umbrella to match. These bars allow your guests to remain in the pool when they want to enjoy a tasty beverage.

elaborate swim up bar

The other type is a side bar, which runs along the side of your pool. This type is not in your pool, so it leaves the entire pool open to swimming and lounging. It also means that people will have to physically get out of the water to enjoy a cocktail. This type of bar also offers more storage space than one that goes in the pool.

If you do your diligent research, you will see how awesome having a pool bar can be,. This could be exactly what you need to bring your pool parties to the next level. Regardless of the type or style of bar you choose, you and your guests will enjoy the convenience of having food and drinks easily accessible. This might be exactly what you need to enjoy every aspect of summer!

How to Get Tap Beer in Your Own Home

Going to the bar can be a great way to have a night out with friends. However, it also has its drawbacks. Cold beer is delicious straight from the tap, and most bars offer this. What most bars don’t offer is the ability to stretch out and relax, choose the music playing or even the volume. Another big downside to going out to the bar to drink is that it is so easy to overspend. Fortunately, there is a way to get cold beer from the tap by installing a tap in your own house.

In home beer taps are simple as far as their design. A small tank of CO2 or CO2/Nitrogen blend connects to a regulatory authority. This keeps the pressure down to between ten and twelve pounds per inch. A hose then connects the tank to the beer tap. The beer tap has a screw or keyed fitting that connects it to the keg, with another hose that runs to the faucet. This is where you would get your beer from.
Depending on the type of keg you are using, there are a range of different beer taps to help ensure you get the one that fits perfectly.

While you can invest in a full size keg cooler, you can also find smaller keg coolers that hold smaller barrels. Pony kegs are about half the size of a half keg, which are the kegs you would typically find in bars and restaurants. Some regional beer suppliers may rent these to you if you want to try them out before you commit to buy.

The CO2 tank you will need to run your system is available at a relatively low cost. A five-pound tank of gas is usually around $5 to $7 to refill and will last for approximately five to seven half kegs, or ten to fourteen pony kegs.

One downfall to owning your own in home beer tap is that you are going to have to clean it regularly in order to keep your beer tasting great. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple process. The cleaning process simply requires you to run hot water through the lines every couple of weeks.

Whatever system you choose to go with, there are many benefits to setting up your own in home beer tap system. Not only are you going to save on the money of having to pay per glass of beer, but you also get to remain in your home while still enjoying the taste of your favorite draft beer. Set your own one up and start enjoying your own beer today. You can also read more about brewing your own beer.

Party and Get an Education

So, you want to go to a good College and get a great education, but you also want to party your face off. Most critics argue that this is not possible and that you cannot have both. In today’s age, immature college kids are choosing schools based solely on their party reputation. This helpful guide will get you to a great party school where you can still focus on your studies and get a fantastic education.

college kids at a party

There are plenty of websites out there that rate colleges for both their party atmosphere and academics. This past year, the Princeton Evaluation launched a study on finest American party schools. These schools were not particularly happy as it made them stand out as party schools and could hurt their reputations.

Out of the 20 schools listed, Indiana University at Bloomington was rated the top party school and popular Virginia Tech came in at number 19. Both of these schools have great academic programs as well, so they should be not upset that they made the list of top party schools. Playboy Magazine also published their list of party schools and they awarded the University of Wisconsin at Madison the best party school on the country. Their Halloween parties and tailgates are out of this world.

Other top rated party schools include: Florida State, Clemson, Arizona State, Texas, LSU and of course Miami, among others. These schools are well known for their academics, athletics and now partying. There are no specific requirements to be a top party school. It is all based on an outsider’s perspective as to how nuts the kids really go during party time.

Besides what is noted above, there are plenty of other places with their own lists of top party schools. It is recommended that you look into all aspects of a college when you are deciding whether or not to go there. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find a school with poor academics as they all have to meet certain standards in order to be accredited. So, make sure you visit each school, walk around and absorb as much information as possible.

When it’s all said and done, college will be one of the best times of your life. If you do it properly, you can find a great school that will give you an exceptional education plus some life experience. You need to get out there, live a little, party, enjoy yourself and get a good education. These are all possible if you pick the right school.

Life After College


If you have attended a little college or are a graduate, you can understand why a decent amount of people cannot let go of their college life, even after they graduate. The four short years or partying and bar hopping becomes a routine for some. Once they are out in the real world, it takes some time to realize that they cannot go out partying during the week like they could in school.

Having a real job requires that you maintain a level of responsibility that most college kids are not used to. You will need to stick to a strict schedule and go to sleep early, wake up early and get to work on time. For this reason alone, it is nearly impossible to go out partying every night as it will catch up with you. On top of all of this is the financial burden it can place on you. College life is cheap, while food, booze and going out in the real world can seriously add up. Here is some great information about how the new grads and anyone who recently jumped into the real world can budget properly and not fall into the deep end.

picture of students at graduation

According to, college students spend about $11 billion each year on snacks and drinks like booze and coffee. They spend $5.5 billion on alcohol alone. While in college, many students develop cheap habits. They get used to going to bars that offer $1 drinks and $2 beers and restaurants that have slices of pizza for less than a gumball. What most of them don’t realize is that this does not exist in the real world. Most cities have drinks for a minimum of $10 and food is not cheap either. The party weekends will end up costing hundreds instead of 10’s of dollars. This is why it is important to budget and plan accordingly as it very easy to run out of money right out of college.

Think about this scenario. After one party weekend, you could easily have spent $150-$300 having fun with your friends and family. If you do this every weekend, you are looking at well over $500 a month. That can put a serious dent in your wallet. Even if you have a great job and are making a good amount of money right out of college, that’s a lot of money to spend and you will know it when those credit card bills arrive.

So, we all like to have fun and go out and spend time with our friends. However, if you are serious about becoming an adult and learning to be responsible, you need to consider saving a substantial amount of your paycheck and not blowing it at the bars. It is very hard for a lot of college kids to adopt this new found responsibility after college, but for those who do, it pays off big time.

Spring Break in Florida

If we are going to be completely honest with ourselves, we need to first understand that Spring Break is a time for college kids to let loose, be carefree and have some serious fun. Spending the week sitting at home with your parents is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Watching TV, relaxing in a snowy climate and doing nothing for a week sounds great, but not during Spring Break. Here are cool tips to help you make this upcoming Spring Break the best one yet.

There are a variety of destinations that you can look into to guarantee that you and your friends have a wild time. If you are currently in college, heading to a tropical beach with your friends is the ideal vacation. You can spend time getting some sun, meeting new people and of course drinking your faces off. One of the top destinations in the country is Florida. It is typically a low-cost trip, which is perfect for any college kid on a budget. This is a great way to relieve some stress and forget about classes for an entire week. There is nothing more stress free than taking an inexpensive vacation for a week with your closest friends.

A couple popular locations within Florida are Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach. Each year, hundreds of thousands of student flock to these locations to indulge in cheap booze, warm beaches and crazy nightlife. For these locations, the month of Spring Break represents most of their economy for the entire year. That is how much money is spent in a month or so by all of these college kids. If you have never been to either location, make sure to add them to the bucket list as you will regret it if you never visit.

girls partying on spring break

Chances are that right now, you getting sick of your school work and want to do something to loosen up. Well, you are in luck. Everyone around you is feeling the same way as Spring Break week is fast approaching and attention is drifting away. You can see it now, an ice cold beer in the sun with 10,000 of your closest friends. So, since we are getting closer to the biggest party week of the year, consider Florida for your upcoming trip as it has endless things to do and will allow you and your friends to travel on any budget. Now get packing and get ready to leave all your worries behind.

How to Pick a Beer Pong Table

You may or may not know that the old college game known as beer pong has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular drinking game in the world. It began in the late 1950’s as a fun game and continued to grow in popularity until there were official tournaments and an entire retail industry for products and accessories. The following will educate you a little on the fascinating game of beer pong and the growth of custom tables over the last decade.

The game itself has developed a variety of rules over the years, depending on who is playing and where you are playing. This is one reason why it is such an awesome game. There are so many slight variations that anyone can find a set of rules that suits their style of play. Typically, the table will have 6 or 10 cups in a triangular formation on each end. The purpose of the game is to sink the ball into one of the cups and have your opponent chug the beer.

When it comes to tables, there are ton of different options. Whether you are at a bar or local party, table designs and structures can differ. Tables can be made out of wood, aluminum, plastic and some are even inflatable and can float in the water. Some custom beer pong tables even include pre-drilled holes for the cups. Whatever table you decide to use, rest assured that the majority of them are incredibly portable and easy to set-up and use.

If you an avid sports fan, there are plenty of table choices for you. Fans of hockey, baseball, football and basketball can find a variety of different designs, some even licensed by their favorite team or school. You may even be able to find some tables that have split designs, your team on one side and your rivals on the other. You can also be creative and search for or design the best table for your style of play.

Once you have an idea of what you want, shopping for your table does not need to be stressful. There are ton of different stores and websites out there that offer various styles, materials and designs to fit your needs. Most tables can be used practically anywhere. The majority of them are very durable and bring hours of fun for you and your friends. You can even have one custom designed to create lasting memories for all.

picture of a standard table

Beer pong is one of the most popular games in the world, and it does not appear to be slowing down. You will almost always see some custom gear being used anywhere the game is present. The days of ripping off a kitchen door to play are long gone. So, next time you are thinking about gathering your friends to play a game or two, or three, consider getting your own custom beer pong table and you will certainly not regret it.

Beer Pong is Not Just for College Kids

If you have ever spent time on a college campus, you have seen a thousand beer pong games. It is the most popular college pastime and is still currently being enjoyed by students across the globe. The game can be just as entertaining for viewers as it is for competitors. The more people who play and are involved, the more fun will be had by all. Here is some information about the popular game and some of the standard rules used to play.

The general consensus is that the game started about 40 years ago. This means it is still a fairly new game. There are several stories about how the game started. We won’t bore you with the details as there a number of different stories. There is one thing that is for sure, it became incredibly popular very quickly.

If you want to play, start by setting two sets of cups in the form of a pyramid on each end of a ping table, closet door or official pong table. The bottom row of the pyramid should have 4 cups and the top row 1. Make sure the rims of the cups are always touching so the cups are tightly racked. Once this is ready to go, each team will take turns trying to toss a ping pong ball into a cup. Once your team makes all of the cups, you win. Pretty simple, right?

Even if your college days are behind you, this doesn’t mean you can never play again. The game has graduated to an every weekend type of game. It is not just for college kids anymore. It is a great way to get your friends together to have a good time. You can also play it pretty much anywhere. You can play indoors, outdoors and anywhere else you can think of.

When playing, it is typical to use a light beer as there will be a lot consumed during the game. Many debate on what the best beer to use is. Since there will be a lot consumed, recommendations include but are not limited to: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite and any other light beer you can think of. Remember, no one wants to drink gross beer, not even college kids.

Remember, if you are hosting the next beer pong night, you need to make sure everyone is having fun and being responsible. You don’t want anyone to drink excessively. You can get people involved an having fun without going overboard. Use some of the standard beer pong rules or create your own and create memories for you and your friends that will last a lifetime.

Three Popular Drinking Games to Play

Drinking games are a great way to socialize and interact with friends and acquaintances. College kids and young adults across the globe have been playing drinking games as a means of socializing for years. One of the more common games that brings people together is the game of beer pong. It is an incredibly fun game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike, which is probably why it has become the most popular drinking game in the world. Another popular game is cornhole. This game can be seen at tailgate parties and backyard events all over the country. A third fan favorite is the game of flip cup. Here is some information about all three of these fun games. Beer pong, which many say is derived from ping pong is a game of strategy and skill, until the booze sets in of course. It is a fun way to socialize through friendly competition as it can be seen at nearly every college party in the world. The game involves two teams of two, a couple ping pong balls, a table and some beer.

To start, you want to arrange a bunch of cups in a triangular formation at the end of each side of the table. Fill the cups with beer and start firing balls across the table. If you make a cup, your opponent has to remove the cup and drink the contents. Repeat these steps until one team eliminates the other team’s cups. The beauty of this game is that everyone gets to have a good time and drink some beers!

Another fan favorite is the game of cornhole. This game involves two wooden boards with a hole at the top and some bean bags. The objective is to toss a bean bag back and forth, trying to get it into the hole. You will be awarded points for bags that land on the board, but you ultimately want to get them into the hole. Similar to beer pong, it is best to have two teams of two. This will promote some friendly competition. Typically, there is beer or other types of alcohol involved, which is probably why so many people enjoy this game.

picture of a custom set

Last but not least is the game of flip cup. This is a game that can be played with as many people as you want, as long as you have the same number of people on both teams. You basically will be racing against the other team by chugging beers and then flipping the cups to try and get them to land right side up on the table. After your cup lands, the next person in line goes until your team finishes. If your team successfully chugs all of the beer and gets all of the cups to land upright, you win. This is a popular game at parties as it is easy to play and only involves a table, plastic cups, people and some beer.

These are just 3 of the many popular drinking games out there. College kids especially have been using games like this to socialize for years. They are all great ways to interact with friends, meet new people and have a blast at any function. Next time you are hosting a party or are heading to one, introduce 1 or all of these games and you will be the life of the party.

Spring Break 2016 Is Coming

College takes a lot of hard work and dedication. As spring break approaches, students start to wonder where they can take a break and go party. This is a time for kids to let loose and relax with their friends. Many of the popular locations include the warm sun and hot beaches. Students enjoy getting a tan, partying, and meeting new people!

Most students start preparing for spring break right after the winter holiday. The cost is a important factor as it can limit where a kid can go. If you are strapped for cash, don’t worry, there are a variety of places that have great bundles and all-inclusive options. Here are some tips as you plan for your upcoming spring break:

Airfare and Hotel
It is easy to go online to Travelocity or Expedia, where you can compare different rates. If you don’t have enough time to search, call up a travel agency. These agents will get you the best deals with both airfare and hotels.

You will want to budget your money before spring break, so you can plan accordingly. You will want to have a good idea of what you will be doing, so you can budget properly. You will want to save enough money for a hotel, transportation, food, various activities, clubs and of course booze!

Party Cruises
Going on a cruise has become more popular over the last few years. You will be able to pay one price to party, sleep, and travel to many destinations. This is a perfect option for an inexpensive Spring Break.

Safety and Packing
While traveling, it is always good to use the buddy system, especially when you’re drinking. Always be aware of your surroundings and know what is going on. Make sure you never set down your drinks or belongings without knowing who is watching them.

While you are packing for your trip, check the weather. Since most travel somewhere tropical, don’t forget your swimsuit. You will want to pack clothes for all of the things you will be doing. Check and see if clubs or restaurants have a specific clothing policy. Don’t pack your suitcase too full, in case you decide to shop on your trip! Also, remember to always have your ID or passport ready while you are traveling.

Here are some great locations to consider for spring break:

Punta Cana, DR
Punta Cana is on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic, bordering the Caribbean Sea. This area has over thirty resorts on the beach!

Cancun, Mexico
Currently, more than 200,000 students travel to Cancun for spring break each year. This has been a popular destination for many years. They have over 150 hotels in the area. The temperature averages 79 degrees and is always warm.

partying in the ocean in Cancun

Las Vegas, NV
Even though many students rule out Las Vegas for spring break, it offers the best nightlife for you and your friends. Las Vegas has shows, gambling, clubbing, and much more.

South Padre Island, TX
Texas may be a different scene, but many people love it. The Full Throttle Energy Beach ranks as one of the biggest spring break venues in the country. The beach is behind the Isla Grand Beach Resort. Currently, this location deals with day to day crowds of 12,000 to 18,000. It also includes a variety of events for all types of students. The beach activities include a dance contest, beer pong tournaments, and more. This is definitely a popular destination.

Well, there you have it. Spring Break is fast approaching and we wanted to provide you with some information on some of the top spots to visit. If you haven’t already booked your trip, hopefully some of the information above will help you decide on your next wild party vacation!

Perfect Party Ideas

So, you think you have a perfect idea for a party, but you’re stressed making sure guests come and have fun. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands! We are experts at throwing parties, especially when there are drinking games involved! Follow these guidelines and you’ll get so many guests that you’ll have to start turning them away.

First, check with your close group of friends to see what night works best for them. Select your primary friends, so you don’t have too many conflicting opinions. Pick a date and time and see if any of your friends have a prior engagement. Continue to discuss this with your group until you come up with the best date. This will ensure that everyone comes according to plan. It will also help you track how many people will be attending.

In case you didn’t know, parties tend to grow when there are a variety of people. Invite many outgoing people, so they can help spread the word. Inviting a variety of different people is essential to help get the word out. If you are comfortable and your place will allow it, you can even tell your guests to bring their own friends along. Be very careful with this as you don’t want too many people you don’t know in your house. Sometimes, it is a great idea to have all guests RSVP, so you know exactly how many will be coming. An easy way to do this is to create a Facebook event. You can see who others invite, and know for sure who will be attending.

Lastly, make this an event that guests can’t say no to. Try being clever with a theme or reason for throwing a party. If it is just an average party, you may have to work a lot harder to get people to come. However, if it is a friend’s birthday bash for example, it will be easier to get all of your friends and peers to come. You can entice people to stop by for some free booze, food and music. You can include a wide range of music, so it will appeal to everyone who is attending. If this is a bridal shower or bachelorette party, you can easily get others to come! Just tell everyone how much the bride is looking forward to seeing them! For a college party, inviting mostly women will bring the crowd. College guys will go anywhere if there are a bunch of beautiful women. Remember, there is always someone who has a connection with everyone!

Most importantly, if you are having a party at a popular location, no one will turn it down! Host your party on a boat, beach, cabin, or at a fancy restaurant. The possibilities are endless. If you take the time to plan the best party at a great venue, you will have no problems getting tons of people to come out and enjoy the event with you. Well, it is now time for you take the reigns and throw the best party you and your friends have ever seen. Enjoy!

Advantages of Taking a Spring Break Cruise

Spring Break is a week long celebration that dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman days. During this time, Greeks and Romans celebrated the arrival of spring, which was considered to be the season of awakening and fertility. In honor of this season, people would enjoy themselves with music, dancing and of course libations!

Nowadays, it can be said that the contemporary Spring Break officially began in 1938 when Sam Ingram, a swimming coach from Colgate University took his team to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to enjoy themselves in the very first Olympic sized swimming pool. From that time on, a new custom was born, one that is enjoyed every single year by hundreds of thousands of high school and college students.

A traditional Spring Break party consists of thousands of drunk college kids enjoying themselves in the hot sun in a warm climate like Florida or Mexico. Of course, when this many people are partying, there are always safety concerns. Most parents want their students to have a great time, given that going away for Spring Break helps to develop relationships and memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. However, there are a lot of concerns about sending your kid(s) away to Mexico with a bunch of drunk college kids. For this reason, a lot of people are now starting to take cruises for their spring vacations as they offer a safe a secure party location, without having to worry about anyone wandering off, getting lost or even arrested.

adults on a ship partying

If you decide to take a cruise for your next spring vacation, you are in luck as they venture to many different locations. One of the most popular cruise destinations is the Bahamas. A cruise here would provide Spring Breakers with a ton of opportunities for adventure and fun while on board the ship. There are also a ton of different excursions available at each port. Rest assured parents, all of these activities are heavily monitored and are safe for students of all ages! This truly is a win for both students and parents.

One of the best things about Spring Break is the party and drinking games that take place! Every single one of these parties in the history of the World has featured some sort of drinking game. Whether it is beer pong, kings or cornhole, these games have become a staple of the college party scene. Better yet, if you decide to take a cruise, you will be able to play all three of these, plus many more! You will certainly enjoy all there is to offer on your next cruise!

Another great think about cruises is that they are typically cheaper than the other popular Spring Break destinations. A traditional Spring Break consists of dining expenses, hotel costs, party passes and an absurd amount of money for alcohol. On a cruise, everything is all inclusive so you know what you are getting upfront. Of course, there can be some additional expenses if you decided to drink a lot more than the average cruiser, but it will still be cheaper than a week long vacation in Mexico!

The right Spring Break cruise will be able to accommodate the needs of anyone and everyone who decides to jump on board. With a journey to the Bahamas being so economical and exciting, it creates the ideal experience for all high school and college kids out there. If you have never been on a cruise before, taking one for Spring Break is a great way to dive right in and see just how much fun they are!