American Beer Culture

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world, behind only water and tea. As with anything that is popular, beer has its own culture, especially in the Untied States. Here is a neat article about the great American beer culture.

Socially, beer can be connected to a wide variety of traditions and activities. Most people who play cards, darts or other fun games can be found also enjoying a beer. Beer is consumed all over the world and you can find large breweries in first world countries like Canada and the United States. Other locations where breweries are prevalent are the Middle East nations, such as Iraq and Syria. You can also find breweries in some African countries and even remote countries like Mongolia.

One thing to remember is that the temperature that beer is served at is very important. Cooler temperatures will reduce the amount of carbonation, which in turn limits the flavors. This can prevent you from really being able to taste what you are drinking. There are specific temperatures that certain beers need to be served at in order to release their true flavor.

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Some beer enthusiasts drink their beer straight from a bottle or can, but some say this limits the flavor. Enthusiasts say that to truly enjoy the taste of a beer, it needs to be poured into a glass. This is why beer is often poured into a stein, mug or glass. Similar to wine, there are even special glasses designed for specific types of beer. Most breweries even create their own style of glasses for each beer they brew.

Also, how a beer is poured is incredibly important. The position of the pour and the tilt of the glass will both have an effect on the taste. A good head helps release the aromas and flavors of any type of beer. As the head dissipates, it releases carbonation into the glass, which in turn adds to the flavor. Some heavily carbonated beers, such as German lagers, require a decent amount of settling time before can be truly enjoyed.

Some people, mainly enthusiasts, take interest in rating different types of beers. After trying different blends, they will rate the beer based on a variety of different factors. In some cases, these people record their scores and post them online so that others can use them as a guideline before their next purchase. This fad is increasing in popularity as people in the United States are nuts about all of the new craft and specialty beers out there.

The culture around beer is one that is well developed and continues to be passed down through generations. Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world and is still enjoyed on a daily basis. In America especially, beer is more of a culture than a drink. With all of the craft breweries popping up across the nation, it is safe to say that beer will continue to be enjoyed for years to come. So, go pick up a new beer you’ve never had before and give cheers to the great American beer culture.