Advantages of Taking a Spring Break Cruise

Spring Break is a week long celebration that dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman days. During this time, Greeks and Romans celebrated the arrival of spring, which was considered to be the season of awakening and fertility. In honor of this season, people would enjoy themselves with music, dancing and of course libations!

Nowadays, it can be said that the contemporary Spring Break officially began in 1938 when Sam Ingram, a swimming coach from Colgate University took his team to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to enjoy themselves in the very first Olympic sized swimming pool. From that time on, a new custom was born, one that is enjoyed every single year by hundreds of thousands of high school and college students.

A traditional Spring Break party consists of thousands of drunk college kids enjoying themselves in the hot sun in a warm climate like Florida or Mexico. Of course, when this many people are partying, there are always safety concerns. Most parents want their students to have a great time, given that going away for Spring Break helps to develop relationships and memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. However, there are a lot of concerns about sending your kid(s) away to Mexico with a bunch of drunk college kids. For this reason, a lot of people are now starting to take cruises for their spring vacations as they offer a safe a secure party location, without having to worry about anyone wandering off, getting lost or even arrested.

adults on a ship partying

If you decide to take a cruise for your next spring vacation, you are in luck as they venture to many different locations. One of the most popular cruise destinations is the Bahamas. A cruise here would provide Spring Breakers with a ton of opportunities for adventure and fun while on board the ship. There are also a ton of different excursions available at each port. Rest assured parents, all of these activities are heavily monitored and are safe for students of all ages! This truly is a win for both students and parents.

One of the best things about Spring Break is the party and drinking games that take place! Every single one of these parties in the history of the World has featured some sort of drinking game. Whether it is beer pong, kings or cornhole, these games have become a staple of the college party scene. Better yet, if you decide to take a cruise, you will be able to play all three of these, plus many more! You will certainly enjoy all there is to offer on your next cruise!

Another great think about cruises is that they are typically cheaper than the other popular Spring Break destinations. A traditional Spring Break consists of dining expenses, hotel costs, party passes and an absurd amount of money for alcohol. On a cruise, everything is all inclusive so you know what you are getting upfront. Of course, there can be some additional expenses if you decided to drink a lot more than the average cruiser, but it will still be cheaper than a week long vacation in Mexico!

The right Spring Break cruise will be able to accommodate the needs of anyone and everyone who decides to jump on board. With a journey to the Bahamas being so economical and exciting, it creates the ideal experience for all high school and college kids out there. If you have never been on a cruise before, taking one for Spring Break is a great way to dive right in and see just how much fun they are!