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Horseshoes: A Fun and Interactive Backyard Game

Do you remember those long, summer days where you were outside thinking up something else fun you could engage in to fight boredom and be entertained? Do you remember those fun family times where something as simple as horseshoes was loads of fun? Yes, horseshoes is a traditional summer game perfect for families, and even ideal for an activity at a backyard BBQ too. When you’re hosting a summer BBQ it isn’t just the food you need to be worried about. There comes a time when guests want more than alcoholic beverages, gossip and food. People want to have fun and of course, what’s so wrong with becoming more engaged and moving that body? Even adults need more sports in their lives, not more food.

So, horseshoes is one of the easiest backyard games you’ll play. It’s fun with a group and even with only two people, if you’re creative. The game isn’t difficult to set up at all. You don’t want to make it too easy. Yes, a little bit of a challenge makes it more fun. Below you’ll see just how exciting this summer backyard game really can be!

man playing horseshoes

While many of us don’t have the access to horseshoes anymore, you can still find mimics. Most kits today are U-shaped pieces of metal with stakes included. All you need is a flat yard to place stakes, and these should be around 30 ft apart for fun gaming, but 40 ft apart for more serious gaming. The goal is to toss the mimic horseshoe and hopefully get it around the stake. If you get a horseshoe within 50 ft of a stake you’ll earn half a point, 60 ft 1 whole point, and of course, if it is around the stake you get the most points. If no one gets a horseshoe around a stake but everyone is close, then all get 1 point. It might not seem fair, but it’s how the game goes.

Just remember the game is old and traditional and it is basically all for fun. It is easy for anyone to play and when you’re wondering what to do on a hot summer day, now you have something to occupy your time! It’s perfect for the kids, but even better when everyone joins in. You might want to consider adding it to that fun summer BBQ get together. You can also view this page for detailed instructions on how to play the game!